Welcome to Kuopio Community College

We offer over two thousand courses each year where students can learn new skills or continue to study subjects that they enjoy. Anyone who wishes to come may sign up for our courses.

We do not require tests to take our courses. Attendance is always voluntary.

We offer courses for adults and also for children, teens, and seniors in many different subjects such as languages (including Finnish), handicrafts, art, music, cooking, computing, dance and exercise. We even offer some courses that children can take with their parents! Most of our courses meet for twelve sessions each semester. Our courses are offered year-round and classes are held in the daytime, evening and even on the weekends.

There are over 150 different sites where we hold classes in the city of Kuopio and its surrounding towns.
Our main building, Puistokartano, is located downtown (Puistokatu 20) and has modern classrooms and equipment. We have a fully-equipped kitchen for our cooking courses, looms for our weaving courses, a gymnasium for our dance and exercise courses, large studios for our art classes, a language lab for our language courses and more.

Study in Kuopio Community College

  • People, Environment and Society (Ihminen, ympäristö ja yhteiskunta)
  • Communication Skills, Drama and Literature (Ilmaisutaito ja kirjallisuus)
  • Languages (Kielet)
  • Visual Arts (Kuvataide)
  • Cooking and Home Economics (Kotitalous)
  • Handicrafts (Kädentaidot)
  • Children and Teens (Lapset ja nuoret) -> Värikäs Art School (Kuvataidekoulu Värikäs) and Taituri Handicraft School (Käsityökoulu Taituri)
  • Physical Exercise (Liikunta)
  • Music (Musiikki)
  • Dance (Tanssi)
  • Health and Wellbeing (Terveys ja hyvinvointi)
  • Information Technology (Tietotekniikka)
  • Events and Exhibitions (Tapahtumat ja näyttelyt)
  • Online courses (Verkkokurssit)
  • Public Lectures (Yleisöluennot)