Kuopion kansalaisopisto, Puistokatu 20, Kuopio, pysäköinti, Punaruskeatiilinen Puistokartanon kaksikerroksinen rakennus. Ihminen kävelee pääovelta puistoon päin. Koivut reunustavat puistotietä. Vasemmalla kolme valkoista puistonpenkkiä.

What are Adult Education Centres?

Finland’s Adult Education Centres are educational establishments that welcome all prospective learners and offer opportunities for a wide variety of recreational activities and study. Learning is largely self-motivated and, as a rule, not aimed at achieving a formal qualification.
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Kuopio Adult Education Centre

We in Kuopio Adult Education Centre (Kuopion kansalaisopisto) offer in our online store over two thousand courses each year where students can learn new skills or continue to study subjects that they enjoy. Anyone who wishes to come may sign up for our courses. We do not require tests to take our courses. Attendance is always voluntary.

Our main building, Puistokartano, is located downtown Kuopio, Puistokatu 20 and has modern classrooms and equipment. We have a fully equipped kitchen for our cooking courses, looms for our weaving courses, a gymnasium for our dance and exercise courses, large studios for our art classes, a language lab for our language courses and more.

If you have any questions, please do contact our Customer Service Desk in Puistokartano

  • Address Puistokatu 20, 70110 Kuopio
  • Opening hours for Customer Service Desk tue 10–14, wed 12–17.30
  • Phone 017 184 711, tue and thu 10–14, wed 12–17.30
  • Email kansalaisopisto.asiakaspalvelu@kuopio.fi

We have courses in many different subjects for

  • adults
  • children
  • teens
  • seniors
  • children with adult
  • immigrants
    • further information Johanna Jussila
    • phone 044 718 4714
    • email johanna.jussila(at)kuopio.fi

Most of our courses meet for twelve sessions each semester. Our courses are offered year-round, and classes are held in the daytime, evening and even on the weekends.

There are over 150 different sites where we hold classes in the city of Kuopio and its surrounding towns.

Our departments, districts are

What to study at Kuopio Adult Education Centre

How to register for courses at Kuopio Adult Education Centre

You can register in our online store. Online registration is only available in Finnish. However, Kansalaisopisto’s Customer Service can be contacted by phone and email in English. English can also be used at the customer service desk located on the first floor of the school in Puistokartano.

Registration video for courses at Kuopio Adult Education Centre

On this video you can orientate yourself with registration and cancellation for courses.

  • You can register for both autumn and spring courses at the same time.
  • If you need help finding the right course or course level, course planners can be contacted in English.
  • If the course is full, you can register to be put on a waiting list.
  • When registering by phone or at the school’s customer service desk, you can choose whether to pay for the course with a paper invoice or via an e-mail link.
  • Students must register for a course themselves; teachers cannot register students for a course.

More information about Registration and Cancellation in English here.

Opening Times of the Customer Service Desk

The location of Puistokartano, our main building.

Hamza talks about Finnish courses in English and in Arabic.

Read more about studying languages at Kuopio Adult Education Centre (text is in Finnish).

Kuopion kansalaisopisto. Kaksi maahanmuuttajataustaista naista ja kaksi maahanmuuttajataustaista miestä luokassa pöydän ääressä. Heillä on edessään oppikirjoja.
Kuopio Adult Education Centre. Viisi nuorta esittelee tekemiään käsinukkeja. He ovat kädentaitojen luokassa.
Kuopio Adult Education Centre. Kaksi ulkomaalaista miesopiskelijaa ja heidän opettajansa luokassa.
Kuopio Adult Education Centre. Viisi nuorta ulkomaalaista miesopiskelijaa. Ryhmäkuva otettu luokassa.
Kuopio Adult Education Centre. Kaksi ulkomaalaistaustaista henkilöä Kuopion kansalaisopiston opetuskeittiössä.